NATUROM SKINCARE RANGE: the art of Science and Nature

Naturom is an innovative high quality skin care and cosmetic brand that utilise the natural power of nature with the advances of modern science. Founded by a collective of health professionals including a Surgeon Dentist, a Medical Dr, Biologist,Cosmetologist and Beauticians it has been designed to give you visible results and new confidence in your skins appearance.  Naturom has fulfilled a previous gap in the market in so far as that it offers a skincare range that is made using herbal extracts in high dilutions selected exclusively by Medical Doctors. You can have total reassurance that the products you use have been extensvly researched and refined by a team of leading experts.

NATUROM is a fusion of science and nature

Naturom are also an ethically based company and on the home page of their company website they proudly tell you about their continuous donations to the ‘Rain Forest Aliance’ which is a green charity set up to help protect the worlds most vulnable rainforset areas. As Naturom products are made using the finest organic plant extracts from around the world  protecting the ecology and environment is very important to them. This ethical background means that a portion of the money you spend with them will go back into preseving this wonderful world we live, which is very important to eco-concious customers.

For more information on what the alliance does go to

Naturom products are high end because they dont compromise on quality, prices reflect the scientific research, highest quality natural herbal extracts and modern innovation.

Naturom Facts

NO                                                                                                               YES

  • mineral oil                                                                  authentic raw herbal extracts
  • parabens                                                                   edible oils, biologic origin
  • isothiazolineone                                                        organic herbal extracts
  • animal derived bi products                                        quality ingredients

We prefer to use expensive edible oils and other precious ingredients, cutting down on our profit, because we consider it wise to gain average profit from a larger number of satisfied customer”.  Naturom spokes person

organic olive oil extract is used

As founder and surgeon dentist Sofia Vasilara says

Naturom doesnt make simple products, it makes innovations”………..

How Science & Nature harmonise in NATUROM

Naturom has a complete range of skincare systems to suit you whatever your skin type is. It is made up of an extensive range, all of which use natural plant,mineral and oil extracts. These advanced technology formulas have all been thoroughly tested according with E.U safety standards. They contain no animal bi-products ( apart from the caviar range).The oils thats are used such as olive oil, soya oil and sunflower oil are all sorced from organic origin and biologically cultivated. The result is that these products contain high natural extracts in dilutions rarefactions. You will feel the difference in your skin quickly. Its important to remember that up to  70% of what we put on our skin enters our blood-stream. Naturom uses edible grade oils that are totally safe.

Scientific studies have shown the following benifits and significant observations when using NATUROM products:

  • reduction in wrinkles
  • immidiate long-term firming
  • deep nutrition and toning
  • decreased skin stress
  • reduction in eye puffiness and black circles
  • immediate tightening of the epidermis
  • effective uva/uvb protection
  • anti oxidant and free radical effect
  • enhanced dermal microcirculation/elasticity
  • dermal collagen synthesis
  • increased dermal cell oxygen consumption
  • activation of dermal metabolism
  • authentic herbal extracts in high dilutions
  • strict microbiological testing according to E.U standards.
  • only company to use all edible oils!
  • anti-aging through use of live,edible precious oils.essential amino acids,and biological origin oils.

The range is so extensive and presented in luxury gold packaging and colour coded so its easy to identifie the different products that NATUROM offers.

I was sent two products to test and decided to use them both for a month before I wrote my  review. The first was a day cream in a pump-action slimline bottle -WYETHIA Advanced Moisture Cream. The second was MYRTUS PLUS PURIFIYING VITAMIN FACE MASK which is used with select fresh fruit extracts. Both products supassed my expectations and you could smell and feel the active botanical extracts at work!


This advanced moisurising non-oily day cream is from the ‘Exotic herb’ range that NATUROM do. It has a nice light creamy consistency and spreads evenly over the skin. A little goes a long way and you feel immediate hydration. Its great for combination skin such as my own as it doesnt clog pores, especuially on the troubled T-zone area. After a week I noticed an increased glow to my skins surface and the epidermis retained a higher moisture level even against the harsh extreams of a northern european winter. In winter our skin experiences quick changes of artificial heat from centarl healting in our houses to the cold winds of outside. This cream forms a thin barrier on the surface of your skin and can be used under makeup as extra protection from the elements. NATUROM describe it as being aimed at ‘young, tiered,dry or less-young skins’. Certainly its suited to young or middle aged skins, however if you have a dry skin you may prefer a more moisurising cream from their range.

WYETHIA cream had specific effects on my skin and its collagen felt plumper,the texture was smoother after only 3 weeks and it maintained my much needed moisture levels. The cream contains herbal/flower extracts of philyra and calendula flower which calm and smooth, reducing irritation and redness.The Calendula flower has been used since ancient Greek times as an anti-inflammatory and calming ointment. Philyra is very hydrating and firming and has an anti-oxidant effect on the skin cells. I continue to use this day cream and couldn’t be happier.

calming calendula flower


This is a high-end home use salon standard face mask. The tub is a good size and it will last you around 3-4 months depending on how many applications you do a week. It is based on the Ivy plant which has strong regenerative properties.MYRTUS PLUS  mask is a non-drying base mask that you can add your own fresh fruit juice too. It s a great idea that gives you control over the effect you want the mask to have. For example if you have very dry skin you could blend the masks paste with some fresh avocado or banana. If you want a slight exfoliate effect use papya juice/pulp. I used fresh orange juice from valencia oranges as they have a toning effect and are high in anti-oxidants. My skin is not very sensitive so this suited me perfectly. If you have a more sensitive reactive skin stay away from very acidic fruit juices as they may cause redness. Instead stick to avocado, banana or apricot. There are many fresh fruits that are benificial to feeding your skin and the internet will offer you lots of information on this subject This site is fun and gives you a list of fruits and their associated benifits.

MYRTUS is a non-drying mask

The mask does not dry to a hard clay as it is made using organic olive oil but it is purifying. Previously I have always used rather harsh clay based products, either dead sea mud or rassoul clay. They draw out toxins as they dry but also strip your skin of all moisture. The MYRTUS MASK is unique as it cleanses whilst not drying.It enlivens your skin, I added fresh orange juice and made a paste. I applied it to freshly cleansed skin and left it for 20 minutes or until most of the white cream had sunk in and become semi-transparent. The olive oil present in the mask plumped up my skin and the organic aloe extract calmed it. It has a very fresh clean herbal smell and off white look. The mask also contains sea plant extracts that deliver proteins and amino acids to your skins epidermis (top layers). Beech extract offers an ani-ageing factor and pure bees wax hold the ingredients together in a balm. This balm-like quality mean that the mask is easy to applie and doesn’t drip on clothes.

organic aloe is calming

I added fresh orange juice to MYRTUS mask vitamin c and aha's

The mask which I used twice a week for a month gave my skin a very healthy glow. It had a relaxing aromatherapy effect and as it was non-drip you could carry on normal everyday tasks whilst it worked its wonder. Using it with fresh orange juice gave a lift to my sun-damaged skin and evenen out the tonal imperfections. I definatly recommed this mask to people of all skin types as it is so gentle and non -drying. The innovation of using fresh fruit juice power with the NATUROM cream mask base is genius and gives you potent vitamin facials that you create at home. Fruit extracts added during the manufacturing process loose their potency and vitamin c is very unstable. The NATUROM mask acts as a carrier agent to the fruits vitamin and AHA properties and delivers them straight into your skin.

Overall I was very satisfied with the products I sampled. Naturom is a modern, quality, and innovative company who make it their mission to deliver you the best user-friendly products and source the finest natural plant/herbal/oil extracts from around the globe and bottle them for you in convenient attractive packaging. The range has something for all skin types and has an intentional dedicated client base. For a more information and complete product listings visit


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