Holistic Spa Heaven at the Lopesan Corallium Costa Meloneras Spa Hotel in Grand Canaria

My deep love nearing on obsession with the Canary Islands started over ten years ago when a friend and I took a  holiday to Tenerife. I was instantly struck by their raw organic volcanic beauty, balmy January temperatures and the abundance of fresh year-round produce. Bananas, pineapples and goiaba along with the medicinal healing wonder plant aloe vera.From then on this little set of islands nestling only 100km off the coast of north Africa have been a favourite winter-sun get away for me. I was very lucky to be invited to visit and review the Lopesan Spa by the Spanish tourist board- ‘GRAND CANARIA   WELLNESS<  who promote all the holistic and wellness aspects of the island. The Canarian tourist board know that their islands are unique  and want to keep them that way. There are designated protected national parks areas on all the island and nature co-exists with mankind in a harmonious fashion. As a traveller this is an important aspect of my needs, and I love the fact that interior of Grand Canaria is protected form tourist leaving their mark and eco- preservation is very important.

Himalayan Salt Grotto

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The Spa Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras is located in the south of the island in a coastal area called Meloneras. It sits next to the protected natural oasis ‘Dunas de Maspalomas’ (Sand dunes of Maspalomas) This is a dramatic yet tranquil landscape that is great for meditation, restoration, sun worshipping and water sports. Its also a favourite with naturists, so anything goes!

The Lopesan Hotel group is a Spanish owned company and has several themed hotels across the island, all of which are top notch. The themes are based on nature, be it African influence, Thalasso sea water, or the volcanic environment of the island. The architecture is built in harmony with its surroundings.  Now I must admit I’m not a huge fan of huge chain-hotels and prefer more intimate rustic abodes but the atmosphere ar the Lopesan Corrallium Costa Meloneras Spa Hotel is not what you expect. Its super friendly, un-pretentious and relaxing. It has a huge Spa area below including a modern gym, yoga, pilates platforms outside, indoor/outdoor pools and jacuzzies. So whether you prefer to be inside in the high-tech gym of outside meditating with nature its your choice.

Hotel lopesan meloneras & Spa

Ice therapy to cool & calm

Out door jacuzzi

Spa heaven in the Aqua dome

The staff are genuinely happy in their work and you feel very valued whilst within the spa. As soon as you enter the hotel you really are treated with genuine kindness and though it is a large building its architectural design is integrated with nature and infused with natural light so it is not at all imposing. The design echos a mystic past era and there are references to the Arabia, North African and Spanish culture. In fact the spa circuit transports you to the wilds of the tropical jungle, through ice lands of the Arctic and to the sultry ambience of a Turkish bath. You can view waterfalls and flora and fauna from all the windows.  This is an important aspect of the experience as I believe that you pick up on the energy of a building and the people around you. So from a holistic point of view my treatment started as soon as I entered the building and was able to absorb the sense of well being and the ambience of happy people. The exclusive original Spa Corrallium Costa Meloneras Centre covers some 3.500m squared and fuses modern and ancient healing techniques. The treatments use active natural extracts of herbs, minerals, thalasso therapy, himalayan salt and aloe very which all work on your mind,body and soul. So its a very holistic Spa experience.

I was greeted by Spa Manger Christina Tejo who lead me into the huge Spa & wellness/gym area. I was to be given a complementary Spa Circuit followed by the Exfoliating Aloe body scrub-treatment using native natural aloe products. I especially asked to have the island made and owned products used. I was introduced to staff who were happy to tell me about the products they used. ‘Aloeveria’ is a company based on the island who specialise in using local organically grown aloe vera to make an array of products. I was also introduced to the Spas new ‘Corrallium Cosmetics‘. A range of face & body products that utilise the natural plants, herbs and flower essences of the island. The extracts are raw and paraben/ phenoxyl-Ethanol free. The packaging is in keeping with the natural theme and fragrance with natural amber-myrrh aroma which is vitalizing and reminiscent of the African heritage of the island.

Lopesan own brand cosmetics

I sampled the anti-aging face cream.It had a pleasant fragrance and a good emulsion and spread smoothly on the skin. Its marine extracts kept my skin hydrated after my days on the beach.

Its great to see a large chain of hotels such as the Lopesan group supporting small local business and promoting the local products of Grand Canaria and the natural bio agriculture of the land. My exfoliating body treatment was performed using Aloeveria’s natural marine scrub and aloe body balm. I will go into more detail later.

                       ALOVERIA- http://www.aloveria.com
My Spa circuit included the following and really left me thoroughly revitalised and revived after a long cold northern European winter. I really cant recommend it enough!! If you are not a hotel resident you can still experience the luxury and the price is very affordable. Check the Lopesan Hotel logo link above for prices.
The circuit included……
The Spa Circuit Experience
  • Aqua Dome
  • Cosy Wall & Showers
  • Kneipp Walk (reflexology)
  • Lagoon
  • Out of Africa Sauna
  • Ice World Igloo
  • Saline Caldarium (vapour bath)
  • Zodiac Relax Romm
  • Lava Relaxation Dome
  • Turkish Hammam Bath
  • Lava Float Pool
  • Himalayan Salt Cave

The circuit is very extensive and you spend a least 15 minutes in each zone (though I actually stayed in the Lava Float pool for about 30 mins as it was so divine)….  staff are around to help you but they are very relaxed and let you go at your own pace through the holistic journey.

The Aqua Dome- is a set of different style showers that pulse firm and soft, massaging your skin and stimulating nerve endings on your back and shoulders. There is a colour light theme the changes with the intensity of the shower ie; blue is intense like thunder and red/yellow is activated when the tropical rain falls upon you while bird song is gently played in the background. This is the first spa zone and is aimed to prepare your skin to receive the other treatments. It tones and increases blood circulation so that you get optimum benefit from the preceding zones.

Next I moved onto the CosyWall Showers. These used warm water to relax tense shoulder/back muscles. The wide shower head creates a waterfall-like flow so covers your whole shoulder width-super indulgent! Following this warming session I was refreshed by a traditional Kneipp Walk through alternating warm and cold water pools. Acting on the reflexology points on the foot, the pebble floor realigned and massaged my sole/soul. It was refreshing and ice cold so really enlivening.

The Lagoon Pool  is heated to body temprature 35′ and features moulded seats so you can be seated below the water falls providing a firm massage effect. There is a cold water pool and you should dip alternatively to really open your pores and cleanse out toxins. I was already beginning to feel relaxed and cleansed and this was only the beginning………

The next part of my journey was the Out Of Africa Sauna the heat was a  dry 90′ and the air infused with exotic aromas. En circling you were leafy lush palms and the centre peace was a giant jungle palm. The low level lighting made it seem like another world and the jungle sounds were a nice touch. Being a bid sauna lover i rested up here for a good 10 minutes and made two trips to the cold shower room to cleanse my pores. As part of the after sauna programme the Ice World Igloo works to close your pores and was enchanting. The Igloo room is carved from real ice and is maintained at 4’c.The seat inside are heated to 15’c so you can stay a while without getting uncomfortably cold. The recommended time is a few minutes but I managed only 30 seconds as I just don’t do cold brrrrrrr………

The Saline caldarium vapour bath is housed in an Egyptian themed room with hieroglyphics and impressive pillars, you really feel like Cleopatra as you recline on the marble and stone seats and let the aromatic eucalyptus cleanse your respiratory system and pores. The 45′ heat of the room encourages your body to excrete toxins naturally and  your muscles are relaxed. After 20 minutes its recommended you use the shower in the corner to clean and close your pores before moving onto the Zodiac Room/waterbeds. Within the Zodiac room you encouraged to nurture your inner child. This may all sound a little far fetched but its a fact that everyone no matter what age still has a child-like side to themselves. This is something to be proud of and cherish, its what keeps us dreaming, believing and seeing the lighter side of life. The room is a warm womb-like space with a gentle rose hue, around the circular edge are water beds fringed with Bedouin curtains. Here it is all about soul revival, loving yourself and balancing your inner calm. Soft music plays and you float away on your water bed which allows you to feel weightless like you did as a baby. Next you move into the Lava relaxation dome. This too has ergonomic loungers to relax on. Here the focus is chakra re-alignment via colour therapy. Colured lights project onto the cave like walls and the room is infused with Brazilian cupasue fruit essence.

The heat really gets turned up in the Turkish Hammam bath. Its 90% humidity combined with 45′ temperature means rapid detoxification. The traditional ceramic interior transmits heat and there is a fresh water font in the middle to refresh yourself. Its based on an authentic Turkish style and combines well with the Turkish massage after treatment. Aromatic melissa (lemon-balm) fills the air which is a nerve tonic which has a a specific muscle relaxing effect.

Having been in several enclosed dark spaces it was nice to enter the mineral rich pool –Lava float pool. The style is carved out of volcanic Canarian rock and sensitively lit, its nothing short of stunning. Small cave arches lead you to secluded corners and you are suspended with weightlessness by the dead-sea waters. The water has such a high salt and magnesium level that you spontaneously float. After 20 minutes when you emerge your bones feel super relaxed and heavy as they have been re-mineralised by the waters. This had to be one of my favourite parts of the spa. I remained for 30 minutes but could have easily languished for an hour or so……

Lava floatation pool

Finally the unique and beautiful Himalayan salt cave. This is very special for many reasons. Firstly its the only space in Spain to be made from only 2,500 million year old Himalayan pink crystal rock salt. Each of the 3,200 salt bricks were hand carved, the floor is carpeted in fine salt crystals that massage your feet when walked upon and the centre piece is a huge pink crystal which you can obtain energy and re-mineralisation from direct contact. The salt Grotto represents the Lopesan Spa’s commitment to sourcing and combining ancient healing traditions and housing them within a modern wellness environment. It is regarded as one of Spain’s finest and most diverse spa’s for this reason.  But why is it good for you? The salt contains very hight levels of iodine which works to neutralise excessive positive  ions ( electro-magnetic waves/dirty electricity) that everyday life exposes us too, it strenghnthens the immune system and also contains every trace element that the human body requires for optimum function. Microbes and and toxins are reduced. The body rebalances and people suffering from respiratory problems  or those who work in toxic and polluted areas especially benefit.This was also a favourite room of mine and the ambience and stillness was truly humbling. You feel a kind of respect and smallness next to rock that has seen 250 million years of changes and it is very grounding.

Exfoliating body scrub with aloe vera (local) for sun-lovers

My last treat was an all over sea salt body scrub with very course salt. Now I have had this treatment several times in the UK and cant say it made a great noticeable effect but the extra course salt and firm but enjoyable force used by the therapist really delivered results. Combined with the Aloe body balm from the local company left my skin super smooth and soft.Its the perfect pre-beach body treatment as you will gain a more even tan by ex foliating before you sunbath. The effects lasted for a good two weeks after I returned home and I am still using the pure aloe body balm by ALOEVIERA which is 100% natural and has the fresh organic grown aloe extract within it.

There are plenty of alternative treatments you can have and over 10 different treatment rooms.

Additional Spa Circuit Treatments available 

  • Soap Massage
  • Wave Dream Room
  • Stone Therapy Room
  • Oriental Room

Massage Treatments Available

  • Turkish Soap Masssage
  • Akkison Method
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aroma Massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Stone Therapy
  • Tandem (head & feet)
  • Two by Two Massage
  • Four handed Massage
  • Mother-to-be massage
  • Reflexology Massage
  • Foot Massage

Body Treatments

  • Exfoliating body scrub with aloe vera (local) for sun-lovers
  • Chocolate fancy body envelopment with aloe
  • Sea algae envelopment
  • Slim n sculpt sea secrets wrap

Oriental origin Treatments

  • Reiki
  • Shiatu
  • Thai massage
  • Indian head massage

Facial Traetments

  • Active facial hygene (personalize)
  • Facial for men
  • Combination skin facial
  • Vital eyes facial

Hydrotherapy/Special Treatments

  • Hydro massage sensory journey
  • Golfers energy

Lopesan also offer standars beauty treatments such as manicure/pedicure,depilation and waxing.

My spa experience was nothing short of perfect and I cant recommend it enough. I loved the way the design echoed nature and wasn’t too clinical. Its organic forms and natural materials allowed me to connect with the nature of Grand Canaria, Africa, Arabia and the ancient Himalayas of the far east. This is a spa experience that revives mind, body and soul and is a truly holistic experience.

Finally many thanks to the Official tourist board of Grand Canaria who made this spa trip possible.Also to the staff at the Lopesan Corrallium Coasta Meloneras Spa Hotel who were more than friendly. I’d recommend going there to everyone, its unforgettable. Your co-operation and hospitality was first class. For anyone wanting to experience this spa trip for themselves or the many other wonderful spas, natural treatments and  products of Grand Canaria. Please visit the ‘Wellness’ specific website.

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If you want to find out more about all the islands and holistic wellness, click the photos to the official Canary Island tourist website.


NATUROM SKINCARE RANGE: the art of Science and Nature

Naturom is an innovative high quality skin care and cosmetic brand that utilise the natural power of nature with the advances of modern science. Founded by a collective of health professionals including a Surgeon Dentist, a Medical Dr, Biologist,Cosmetologist and Beauticians it has been designed to give you visible results and new confidence in your skins appearance.  Naturom has fulfilled a previous gap in the market in so far as that it offers a skincare range that is made using herbal extracts in high dilutions selected exclusively by Medical Doctors. You can have total reassurance that the products you use have been extensvly researched and refined by a team of leading experts.

NATUROM is a fusion of science and nature

Naturom are also an ethically based company and on the home page of their company website http://www.naturom.com/index1.html they proudly tell you about their continuous donations to the ‘Rain Forest Aliance’ which is a green charity set up to help protect the worlds most vulnable rainforset areas. As Naturom products are made using the finest organic plant extracts from around the world  protecting the ecology and environment is very important to them. This ethical background means that a portion of the money you spend with them will go back into preseving this wonderful world we live, which is very important to eco-concious customers.

For more information on what the alliance does go to http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/

Naturom products are high end because they dont compromise on quality, prices reflect the scientific research, highest quality natural herbal extracts and modern innovation.

Naturom Facts

NO                                                                                                               YES

  • mineral oil                                                                  authentic raw herbal extracts
  • parabens                                                                   edible oils, biologic origin
  • isothiazolineone                                                        organic herbal extracts
  • animal derived bi products                                        quality ingredients

We prefer to use expensive edible oils and other precious ingredients, cutting down on our profit, because we consider it wise to gain average profit from a larger number of satisfied customer”.  Naturom spokes person

organic olive oil extract is used

As founder and surgeon dentist Sofia Vasilara says

Naturom doesnt make simple products, it makes innovations”………..

How Science & Nature harmonise in NATUROM

Naturom has a complete range of skincare systems to suit you whatever your skin type is. It is made up of an extensive range, all of which use natural plant,mineral and oil extracts. These advanced technology formulas have all been thoroughly tested according with E.U safety standards. They contain no animal bi-products ( apart from the caviar range).The oils thats are used such as olive oil, soya oil and sunflower oil are all sorced from organic origin and biologically cultivated. The result is that these products contain high natural extracts in dilutions rarefactions. You will feel the difference in your skin quickly. Its important to remember that up to  70% of what we put on our skin enters our blood-stream. Naturom uses edible grade oils that are totally safe.

Scientific studies have shown the following benifits and significant observations when using NATUROM products:

  • reduction in wrinkles
  • immidiate long-term firming
  • deep nutrition and toning
  • decreased skin stress
  • reduction in eye puffiness and black circles
  • immediate tightening of the epidermis
  • effective uva/uvb protection
  • anti oxidant and free radical effect
  • enhanced dermal microcirculation/elasticity
  • dermal collagen synthesis
  • increased dermal cell oxygen consumption
  • activation of dermal metabolism
  • authentic herbal extracts in high dilutions
  • strict microbiological testing according to E.U standards.
  • only company to use all edible oils!
  • anti-aging through use of live,edible precious oils.essential amino acids,and biological origin oils.

The range is so extensive and presented in luxury gold packaging and colour coded so its easy to identifie the different products that NATUROM offers.

I was sent two products to test and decided to use them both for a month before I wrote my  review. The first was a day cream in a pump-action slimline bottle -WYETHIA Advanced Moisture Cream. The second was MYRTUS PLUS PURIFIYING VITAMIN FACE MASK which is used with select fresh fruit extracts. Both products supassed my expectations and you could smell and feel the active botanical extracts at work!


This advanced moisurising non-oily day cream is from the ‘Exotic herb’ range that NATUROM do. It has a nice light creamy consistency and spreads evenly over the skin. A little goes a long way and you feel immediate hydration. Its great for combination skin such as my own as it doesnt clog pores, especuially on the troubled T-zone area. After a week I noticed an increased glow to my skins surface and the epidermis retained a higher moisture level even against the harsh extreams of a northern european winter. In winter our skin experiences quick changes of artificial heat from centarl healting in our houses to the cold winds of outside. This cream forms a thin barrier on the surface of your skin and can be used under makeup as extra protection from the elements. NATUROM describe it as being aimed at ‘young, tiered,dry or less-young skins’. Certainly its suited to young or middle aged skins, however if you have a dry skin you may prefer a more moisurising cream from their range.

WYETHIA cream had specific effects on my skin and its collagen felt plumper,the texture was smoother after only 3 weeks and it maintained my much needed moisture levels. The cream contains herbal/flower extracts of philyra and calendula flower which calm and smooth, reducing irritation and redness.The Calendula flower has been used since ancient Greek times as an anti-inflammatory and calming ointment. Philyra is very hydrating and firming and has an anti-oxidant effect on the skin cells. I continue to use this day cream and couldn’t be happier.

calming calendula flower


This is a high-end home use salon standard face mask. The tub is a good size and it will last you around 3-4 months depending on how many applications you do a week. It is based on the Ivy plant which has strong regenerative properties.MYRTUS PLUS  mask is a non-drying base mask that you can add your own fresh fruit juice too. It s a great idea that gives you control over the effect you want the mask to have. For example if you have very dry skin you could blend the masks paste with some fresh avocado or banana. If you want a slight exfoliate effect use papya juice/pulp. I used fresh orange juice from valencia oranges as they have a toning effect and are high in anti-oxidants. My skin is not very sensitive so this suited me perfectly. If you have a more sensitive reactive skin stay away from very acidic fruit juices as they may cause redness. Instead stick to avocado, banana or apricot. There are many fresh fruits that are benificial to feeding your skin and the internet will offer you lots of information on this subject This site is fun and gives you a list of fruits and their associated benifits.http://funnfud.blogspot.com/2008/06/natural-fruit-facials-healthy-skin-glow.html

MYRTUS is a non-drying mask

The mask does not dry to a hard clay as it is made using organic olive oil but it is purifying. Previously I have always used rather harsh clay based products, either dead sea mud or rassoul clay. They draw out toxins as they dry but also strip your skin of all moisture. The MYRTUS MASK is unique as it cleanses whilst not drying.It enlivens your skin, I added fresh orange juice and made a paste. I applied it to freshly cleansed skin and left it for 20 minutes or until most of the white cream had sunk in and become semi-transparent. The olive oil present in the mask plumped up my skin and the organic aloe extract calmed it. It has a very fresh clean herbal smell and off white look. The mask also contains sea plant extracts that deliver proteins and amino acids to your skins epidermis (top layers). Beech extract offers an ani-ageing factor and pure bees wax hold the ingredients together in a balm. This balm-like quality mean that the mask is easy to applie and doesn’t drip on clothes.

organic aloe is calming

I added fresh orange juice to MYRTUS mask vitamin c and aha's

The mask which I used twice a week for a month gave my skin a very healthy glow. It had a relaxing aromatherapy effect and as it was non-drip you could carry on normal everyday tasks whilst it worked its wonder. Using it with fresh orange juice gave a lift to my sun-damaged skin and evenen out the tonal imperfections. I definatly recommed this mask to people of all skin types as it is so gentle and non -drying. The innovation of using fresh fruit juice power with the NATUROM cream mask base is genius and gives you potent vitamin facials that you create at home. Fruit extracts added during the manufacturing process loose their potency and vitamin c is very unstable. The NATUROM mask acts as a carrier agent to the fruits vitamin and AHA properties and delivers them straight into your skin.

Overall I was very satisfied with the products I sampled. Naturom is a modern, quality, and innovative company who make it their mission to deliver you the best user-friendly products and source the finest natural plant/herbal/oil extracts from around the globe and bottle them for you in convenient attractive packaging. The range has something for all skin types and has an intentional dedicated client base. For a more information and complete product listings visit http://www.naturom.com/index1.html

Spice up your winter and beat the bugs….

Winter Spice tonics….for medicinal use…

Here are 5 amazing spices/herbs that can help you banish the winter blues and fight colds,flu and infection while improving your circulation,so keeping you warmer!!
Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) was one of several valued spices that was traded on the spice routes out of Asia and ended up in Medieval Europe. Ginger is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The medicinal part of ginger is extracted from the rhizome root of the small, perennial herb. Medicinally, ginger has been used in Arabic, Indian and Asian traditional medicine for centuries
Some of the medicinal uses of ginger include:
  • nausea and vomiting – including pregnancy related nausea and travel sickness
  • indigestion
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • catarrh.


Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is another of the spices that is frequently used in culinary dishes. The nutmeg tree, which grows up to 65 feet in height, produces seeds that, once dried, are used for medicinal purposes. Nutmeg is primarily used for digestive complaints (such as nausea, indigestion and flatulence) but other medicinal uses of nutmeg include:
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • bacterial infections.


Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), an ancient Eastern traditional medicine, has various parts that can be used for medicinal purposes (however, see cautions below). Both the leaves and the bark of the tropical cinnamon tree are used for medicinal purposes. Cinnamon has the following medicinal uses:
  • digestive complaints
  • colds and flu nervous
  • exhaustion
  • rheumatism diabetes – clinical studies show that the use of cinnamon is valuable to regulating blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes


The clove plant (Eugenia caryophyllus) also produces various parts that are used for medicinal purposes; the buds, leaves and stalks of the tropical, evergreen tree are all used in traditional medicine (however, see cautions below). Use clove for the following medicinal uses:
  • digestive complaints such as nausea and dyspepsia
  • asthma
  • colds and flu
  • acne
  • as an insect repellent.


Black pepper (Piper nigrum) has been used for over 4,000 years in traditional medicine. According to Lawless, Indian monks used to swallow between 7 and 9 grains of pepper a day to help them maintain the endurance needed to walk the daily distances that they covered. The seeds (or dried berries) of the perennial pepper vine are used for medicinal purposes; these include:
  • arthritis
  • poor circulation
  • nausea
  • flatulence
  • heartburn
  • colds and flu
  • colic.


Spices are used in various formats for medicinal purposes; for example, they might be used as an essential oil in aromatherapy or as actual plant parts in herbal medicine. The way in which they are used will dictate which part of the plant should be used and how. Plants are chemically composed in different ways, depending on whether they are used as an oil or in whole parts (and different parts of the plant are also composed differently).
Several of the spices mentioned in this article (in particular, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon) are made up of what can be described as “hazardous” chemical components. You need to understand the plant profile of each spice and when and how it can (or cannot) be used. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, breast feeding, a child, are taking certain prescribed medications or have a medical condition. Consult a qualified health care practitioner for further advice.